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Year 2 - 2017
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Player: Mako
Contact: [ profile] makotos
Age: 33
Current Characters: N/A

Character: Sonia Nevermind
Age: 20-ish
Canon: Dangan Ronpa 3
Canon Point: End of series
Background: Sonia on the DR wiki


Sonia presents herself as the typical European princess. While her nation of Novoselic is so small that most cartographers overlook it, her family has ruled as an absolute monarchy for the last millennium. So much does she embody the ideal of what a princess should be that she actually holds the title of "Ultimate (or SHSL) Princess".

She is polite, friendly, kind, caring, and extremely thoughtful. She refers to everyone by their last name with the correct honorific attached to the end—even Monokuma is addressed as "Monokuma-san".

She goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcome and to foster the idea of friendship among the rest of her classmates. She initiates a swimming party with the girls after the second island is opened. She invites every girl—including Hiyoko, who up until that point has been cruel to nearly every person until Mahiru Koizumi takes to her and shows her kindness—and doesn't even blink much when Hinata and Souda are in the diner when she arrives. (In a full-body wetsuit, no less.) Her overly polite nature does work against her, as seen in the second trial, where many of the others talk over her because of her delicate phrasing of things.

The only person this does not extend sometimes to is Kazuichi Souda, who constantly says crude and downright disgusting things to her in an attempt to win her over. She can be mean to him by raising her voice commandingly and putting out her hand in a halting gesture, but mostly she refers to him as a stalker and will instead talk to either Gundam Tanaka or Hajime Hinata about the situation to keep her cool. There are two major instances where Sonia isn't the polite princess she wants everyone to see her as. The first is during after the fourth Trial, where she's trying to stop Monokuma from executing Gundam so that she can understand his reasoning behind killing Nekomaru. The second is during the fifth trial when Chiaki Nanami is outed as the traitor from the Future (Mirai) Foundation. Sonia replies with a string of curses and shouts to stop her friend from being executed.

She is extremely well educated. She knows over thirty languages, world history, economics, politics and a great deal about culture. She is very up to date on modern (or what she assumes is modern) Japanese dramas. Her enthusiasm for a lot of Japanese culture would put her in the category of weeabo if applied to a lot of fans in their beginning stages of Japanophilia. She also has a nearly scary interest in the occult and serial killers. She knows all about Genocide Jack (Genocider Sho), the teenaged girl serial killer known for crucifying her male victims with special scissors and leaving messages in their blood. (It also seems to extend to her strange relationship with Gundam Tanaka, who appears to be into the occult as well. Or maybe that's the hamsters? Who knows?)

Sonia is kind-hearted, but she's no slouch. When Monokuma showed up the first time to start the "Killing School Trip", Sonia adamantly refused to participate. She keeps closely to her resolution to not fall so far into despair that she murders any of her classmates and friends. She also tries to keep everyone's spirit up so that they don't either. She's not afraid of hard work and will often explore areas of the islands alone that are... slightly dangerous, such as the abandoned ruins on the second island and the military base on the last island. She is also the one who went ahead and tested the "bombs" found on the military base to see if they were a) real and b) capable of opening up the sealed ruins.

She is a little strange, to be sure, but some of it has to do with Sonia being a foreigner in a mostly Japanese-filled "class". A lot of it just has to do with Sonia being from Novoselic, full stop. Thirteen minutes early is considered on time and anything else is rude. Elementary students learn to use tanks. They air horribly outdated J-dramas because they're trendy. And, well, then there's the mating ritual of couples involving Makangos, which we find out later are animals, and require swinging of them. And then there's the legend of the bland faced hero in a white shirt who's supposed to swing a golden Makango with the princess to rule over the country. (Yes, she's pretty much describing poor Hinata.)

However, despite this light and cheery façade, it should be noted that like the others on the island, she was a dangerous member of Ultimate (or Super High School Level) Despair. She is aware of that fact. While nothing solid is ever mentioned about what Sonia herself did, it should be noted that murder, mayhem and sacrificing of friends, family and things held dear were the first things that they are all attributed. There were other horrible things mentioned (like necrophilia and body disfigurement just for the barest of mentions) that can't be pinpointed to just one person. It is confirmed in the DR3 anime that Novoselic has fallen and Sonia was the main catalyst for its destruction as the Despair Princess. In fact, in the last episode (Kibou/Hope), she and the others have used their notority to save the Future Foundation's reputation from being completely ruined after the events of the Final Killing Game.

When looking at the way her life as a princess is, it would be easy to sympathize. She states at one point that her life belongs to her country and people and that she is a princess first and a human and woman second. She wasn't allowed to have friends of her own—hence the reason for her excitement at being a normal high school student at Hope's Peak Academy. This abyss of loneliness as a symbol and not a human is a good reason why she was a prime candidate for joining in Ultimate Despair. However, without her school memories, she is so against the killing and vehement about not turning to that desperation. And with the revelation that she's fallen so far only fuels Sonia's desire to help her friends that've fallen into a coma and help them recover themselves in the game and afterwards.

Abilities: Being completely human, Sonia must rely on her training as a princess to get by. She knows over 30 languages and the cultures of most large nations in the world. However, she focuses on Japan and its popular television dramas with most of her classmates to relate to the things going with them. She has the ability to snag the attention of her fellow students with her authoritative voice and pose. As part of her education, she can use a tank and knows how to properly use bombs... (Why? Well, Novoselic is the only reason.)

Alignment: Daimonia - Sonia finds great joy in simple things, like being with her friends and being able to do things that normal people take for granted. She also carries a great deal of grief with her over her actions as a member of Ultimate Despair, but she's managed to balance a lot of that out.

Other: I would like to bring her with all of her previous memories of her time in Empatheias.
Sample: Sonia on the TDM


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"Hello, this is Sonia Nevermind, the Ultimate Princess. Forgive me for not being available but duty calls me elsewhere. Please leave a message and I will make it a priority to reach you once again!"

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♕ Sonia Nevermind ♕

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I do not intend to kill anyone...and I do not intend to be killed easily either!
Sonia Nevermind
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Super High School Level Princess

Empatheias Information

Sonia Nevermind
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Player: Mako
Canon: Dangan Ronpa Series
Canon Point: End of DR3
Alignment: Daimonia
Date of Entry: 01/05/2017
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Name: Mako
Age: 30+
Personal Journal: [personal profile] copynin
AIM/MSN/etc: lightningsenshi/[ profile] makotos

Name: Sonia Nevermind
Canon: Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
Age: Appears 17, Actually 19 or 20 (exact age unknown)
Timeline: End of Chapter 6
If playing another character from the same canon, how will you deal with this?: N/A

CW: Contains extremely triggering material )
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☄ First Impressions

♚ VISUAL: Sonia is a pretty, tall girl with long blonde hair and big greyish eyes. She normally smiles. She wears mostly a green skirt, white shirt and red bow. She also has a greenish-black barrette with diamonds sprinkled as constellations in her hair, tying off a braid that surrounds her head. ♚ FASHION: Sonia is a princess, so she definitely leans more towards the fashion of Europe and the West. However, she has a fascination with Japan and can be persuaded to wear anything from that country with glee. ♚ DEMEANOUR: She is polite, kind, caring and very approachable. She is also very excitable about her hobbies (the occult, serial killers and the like).
♚ AURAL: She is very mild-mannered and has a sweet voice. Unless provoked. And then she has no problem yelling.
♚ OLFACTORY: Expensive perfume, if she can get her hands on it. Fruity shampoos and conditioners for her hair.
♚ MENTAL INFORMATION: Sonia is very focused on her position as princess of Novoselic. You get that or Dangan Ronpa 2 spoilers
♚ MAGICAL INFORMATION: She's a normal girl for the most part. No magic.


♚ BACKTAGGING: I will backtag until threads are done and accept people tagging into posts "late".
♚ FOURTHWALLING: Sonia will deny being a video game character, considering her canon. It will be ugly.
♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: She's not exactly the hugging type, being a little reserved, so this would need lots of CR to make it acceptable
♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: No please. Sonia isn't a violent kind of person, despite her twisted past.
♚ RELATIONSHIPS: This would take a lot, considering Sonia's personality and her dedication to her country. Canonmates are definitely easier than those outside.


Dec. 27th, 2015 04:08 pm
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How Do You Dangan Ronpa?

Please feel free to tell me how you think I'm doing. I'm always open for critique, gushing and hints. Anon on, IP logging off, comments screened.


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